Follow each of these patients through their experience and see how their decision to come to Midwest Facial Plastics has made a difference in their lives!
Christine — Rhinoplasty Rhinoplasty I chose Midwest Facial Plastic Surgery & Aesthetic Skincare because I knew Dr. Tolan and his family. I was aware that he was a surgeon and had heard wonderful things about his ability. I had a reconstructive rhinoplasty done because I was having difficulty breathing. I have always been a huge mouth breather and my […] Read Story
Samantha — Neck Lift Neck Lift “I met with three plastic surgeons prior to Dr. Tolan and quite honestly just felt most comfortable with him. He understood my concern and addressed only that issue. One of the other surgeons I met with not only dismissed my concern but instead tried talking me into a completely unrelated surgery! Dr. Tolan’s specialty in […] Read Story
Sharon — Facelift Facelift “I was interested in a facelift and my daughter highly recommended Dr. Tolan. I have had a double chin for many years and wanted a slimmer, younger profile. The results are awesome. The experience was nothing but GREAT. I love Dr. Tolan. He’s my hero!” Read Story
Anita — Eyelid Lift Eye Lift “Dr. Tolan did surgery while I was hospitalized and did an excellent job with the procedure and follow-up. When it came time to do my eyelid surgery the choice was easy, Dr. Tolan was the only one I considered. I trusted him and knew he would continue to administer excellent care. While a patient in […] Read Story
Judd — Rhinoplasty “For most of my life, I have had trouble sleeping due to breathing difficulty through my nose. I needed to have a nasal surgery to correct the problem and open the nasal passages so that I could get a good night’s sleep! I received a strong referral for Dr. Tolan. Having never had this kind […] Read Story
Guy — Facial Paralysis Facial Paralysis “I was recommended to Midwest Facial Plastic Surgery & Aesthetic Skincare by my primary care physician to address Facial Nerve Paralysis reconstruction. Part of my face was completely paralyzed and I was not comfortable going out or being seen. I really didn’t have any solutions. But when I met with Dr. Griffin at Midwest Facial […] Read Story